Get to know us

We are a Belgian ICT company founded almost two decades ago with a simple aim: to be our clients’ trusted partner when they’re facing digital challenges. To this end, we select for our clients the consultants who best meet their needs. We truly believe that expertise combined with human values leads to greatness.

  • 2018

    Beginning of the BuSI Academy

    As the juniors of today are the seniors of tomorrow, we decided to build our own Academy. The academy is cross-technology and aims to train young professionals to give them confidence and reinforce their skills.

  • 2018

    BuSI Factory

    We develop your applications at our facilities, in Belgium, while keeping you involved to ensure a quality product and thereby mitigating an issue that might arise from a lack of IT resources within the market. We build automation and monitoring throughout all phases of software life-cycle: from integration, through to testing, release, deployment and infrastructure management.

  • 2016

    Big contract with Smals

    We got engaged with Smals for a durable and trustful partnership.

  • 2015

    ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2014

    Birth of BuSI Luxembourg

    After implementing in Belgium, we decided to address a new challenge by setting up in a new country. As a close neighbour, Luxembourg seemed to be a good choice.

Key Metrics

Million turnover in 2021
Happy Clients
Years of experience
Amazing consultants

Our vision

Become a reference company in digital transformation with a great respect of the human capital.

Our mission

In order to improve the organisation of our clients and answer to the flexibility of the market, we propose different opportunities to help those clients in their business transformation.

  • Delegation of high level consultants
  • Results driven contracts based on deliveries or on target to be achieved
  • Fixed price projects at customer site or in the BuSI Factory
  • Managed services with additional resources depending on the workload
  • Flex Staff contract; fixed team available on contract with on demand additional competencies foreseen in the contract

This will help our clients to optimize their organisation, their competences and their objectives

In line with our strong local shareholdership, we take our share in the ecosystem: training our consultants, creating our own local Academy and Factory, keeping their knowledge up-to-date, choosing “green” solutions and keeping an eye on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Made in Belgium

We’re very proud of our Belgian roots. BuSI is a local company working for local clients and that’s why we can understand them far better than anyone else. 

Young mindset

Being old is only a state of mind and certainly not ours. At BuSI, we are daring, we’re not afraid of new challenges or technologies and do not want to stay in our comfort zone.  

Boldness and entrepreneurial spirit

It’s only by trying that we can move forward and grow. That’s our mindset. At BuSI we’re not afraid of trying new things and facing new challenges in order to learn and evolve. 


We never let ourselves fall a step behind and innovation is part of our daily work. We always want to push further, step out of our comfort zone, so that we can continue to provide innovative products and services.  

Wellness at work

Our consultants are our primary concern as they represent the heart of BuSI. We know that a happy worker makes a great consultant and that’s why we take care of every BuSIer 


We do not want to sell but to share. At BuSI we believe in long-term collaboration. We see our clients as partners and want to help them whenever they’re facing a digital challenge. 

Social responsibility

As a company, we’re also part of Society and are conscious of its current challenges. That’s why we are committed in our involvement in sustainability, equality and self-development. 

The team

Our team constitutes the heart of BuSI and we are so proud of each and every one of its members. Besides being nice, they’re also super talented. 

Our cells

We created teams divided by specialty called « cells ». Each of them has a cell leader, a mentor coordinating the team and coaching its members.

We have room for you in our team! Check out our job opportunities and apply to the ones that fit your profile. We’ll get in touch and who knows, it might well be a perfect match…

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