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We are a Belgian consulting company specialised in ICT services. We provide our clients with the right experts to meet their digital challenges whether that be in analysis, development, project management or service management. Our main assets are the technical expertise of our consultants combined with the quality of their human capital. This allows us to be an effective tailor-made solution provider in Java and Microsoft technologies and to ensure our clients are entirely satisfied.

Agile Delivery & Coaching

We offer adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continual improvement. Our consultants constitute Agile teams and work on clients’ projects, allowing for better project management, communication and quality assurance.


Team optimisation

Business and IT innovations alignment

We use technology in novel ways,  with the aim of creating a more efficient organisation and we improve the alignment between technology initiatives and business goals. 


Digital Transformation

We accompany you to achieve complete systems automation: from problem analysis to solution development.  

Customer/user experience
Process optimisation
Data as a service

BuSI Academy

As the juniors of today are the seniors of tomorrow, we decided to give them the chance to grow as experts by joining our BuSI Academy. Focusing on Java or Microsoft development or Business analysis, academy students benefit from the opportunity to be coached by senior professionals, combining theoretical and practical knowledge. This ensures that our academy students are operational faster and to able to integrate into the professional world right away.

Technology passionate
Theory to practice
Knowledge sharing

BuSI Factory

We develop your applications at our facilities, in Belgium, while keeping you involved to ensure a quality product and thereby mitigating an issue that might arise from a lack of IT resources within the market. We build automation and monitoring throughout all phases of software life-cycle: from integration, through to testing, release, deployment and infrastructure management.




Cyber Security

We extend clients’ security operations &  governance with industry-leading expertise. We help companies protect their assets and reputation by defining or implementing their Cyber strategy. We offer governance and policies through to cyber security design and engineering.


Security Architecture Design & Engineering
Cyber Governance & Risk Management
Identity & Access Management
Network Security Design & Operations

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