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The consultancy world is in perpetual evolution. Twenty-five years ago, a consultant had to be an expert in his own field but, today, with methodologies, technologies and environments constantly evolving, it is almost impossible for a client to find a person with the perfect profile and the required experience. That’s why BuSI created its Academy.

Lack of IT ressources

For years, market actors gave external contractors the time needed to train and level up at the same rhythm as their internal collaborators. Today’s needs have changed. The consultant’s expertise is primordial and he has to be an immediately operational multi-use backup. The problem is that there are more requests than expert profiles and it takes time and money to reach expert level.

BuSI is conscious of this new issue and has made a bold bet: invest in youth, in young people’s motivation to learn and grow by training young developers to become the experts of tomorrow. That’s how the BuSI Academy was born. Through training provided by its experts, BuSI offers an alternative solution to its clients, consisting of providing young consultants with excellent knowledge in technologies and methodologies in high demand combined with adaptation skills. The whole concept is reinforced by a constant need to evolve.

Business Analysis students

The BuSI Academy is currently divided into three axes. The first focuses on Business analysis students in partnership with the Ichec and Ecam schools. This partnership allows the students to follow a part-time programme, divided into theoretical courses and in-field experience. Over two years, students have the opportunity to explore real professional challenges while being coached by BuSI’s experts. They have their first in-field experience with a safety net.

Four of BuSI Business Analysis interns from ICHEC
Business analysis interns

Java & .Net trainees

The second axis offers intramural training to young graduates in development looking to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. This training programme is also accessible to motivated persons in professional reintegration, willing to pursue in-field experience in the informatics sector. Such candidates are found thanks to a partnership with Bruxelles Formation. This axis is broken down into two technologies: Java and .Net. Trainees can choose their future field of expertise according to their previous programme, either at school or at the training centre.

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Self training

The third and final axis gambles on BuSIers ability to train by themselves. BuSI offers its consultants the opportunity to follow training courses or attend professional events in order to grow as experts.

BuSI Academy presentation from 2019

BuSI is putting its trust in youth, as they are experts-in-the-making. Highly motivated and eager to learn, those young professionals are often overlooked by most and BuSI aims to make this one of its strengths.

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