Service Level Manager


The Service Level Manager promotes the elaboration of a services management policy. He makes and maintains a exhaustive inventory of provided products. He makes sure there is a Service Level Management consisting in at least a SLA, service level monitoring (as planned in the SLA), reporting to responsible board members and reports as supports for service meetings with members.

He makes, under responsibility of concerned board members, services and agreements related to services provided to members and determine what SLA and OLA must be negotiated.

The Service Level Manager provides tools and reports in order to check if service levels are genuinely reached. If not, he takes care by proposing to be taken measures, collaboratively with systems and applications managers.

He takes part to SLA negotiation and follow up.

He is also the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact).

We’re looking for MEDIORS & SENIORS

Medior = 3-5 years of experience

Senior = 5+ years of experience

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Job Responsibilities

  • Achieve good people managing by favoring collaborators development and motivation in order to dispose of competent collaborators who reach their predefined goals, in line with the company’s chart.
  • Inventory and describe services in collaboration with concerned leaders
  • Help define services’ and OLA’s elements linking sections doing works. Inventory exhaustively new and existing SLA by taking care of their evolution through time
  • Take part to SLA negotiation with clients in order to support services’ and clients’ managers
  • For strategic reporting, assemble indicators relative to reached services levels and set up the indicators publication
  • Provide, at the right time, a feedback to concerned operational leaders to let them take actions in order to reach the fixed goals, if necessary
  • Improve the awareness regarding to the services delivery and promote the services culture at every level. This includes, make new projects reach service levels in order to fulfill needs
  • Know, respect and apply rules concerning information safety in order to guaranty the company’s continuity and the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the treated data
  • As SPOC, centralize and dispatch received requests concerning services

Key Experiences

  • At least 3 years experience in a similar position
  • Master degree/licence or equivalent
  • Good knowledge of Strategic Performance Management Metrics (SPM, KPI, Scorecards)
  • Good budget management
  • Good people management
  • SMART goals formulation
  • Evaluation and feedback giving
  • Presentation and meeting techniques


  • IT Service Management: methodology, concepts & tools
  • ITIL Service Management Processes
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Concepts & Tools
  • Testing Concepts & Tools/ Performance Testing
  • MS Office/Visio

Soft skills

  • Result-oriented, client-oriented and sense of responsibilities
  • Ability to learn, to solve problems and to make crucial thinking
  • Ability to plan, organize, direct, control and adapt
  • Ability to run a network and negotiate
  • Good verbal communication and ability to write and to have impact
  • Ability to build teams, identify and develop competences
  • Ability to give recognition and appreciation

You have to be multilingual: french, dutch and english are mandatory

General knowledge of social security and eGovernment field is a plus.

Seniority level
3+ years experience
Internet, Information
Technology & Services
Employment type
Full time
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Service Level Manager

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