Java Application Architect

Brussels, Belgium

The main goal is to ensure the correct and homogeneous use of the back-end and front-end technology stacks.
Ensure the identification, promotion, writing and implementation of good development practices.
Improve (strengthen and evolve) the technology stack and practices according to the demands and requirements of the
business and team needs.

Write technical architecture documents in order to ensure the homogeneity and durability of the applications.

French or Dutch is MANDATORY

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Technical environment

  • Micro-services (Openshift)
  • Docker
  • Spring Boot 2 – A strong opinion on what quality work (testing,security, …)
  • Java 11
  • Gradle
  • ELK
  • RabbitMQ
  • Angular 8
  • PrimeNg
  • Spring Security
  • Oauth
  • JWT
  • Openshift / Docker
  • Continuous integration
  • One of AMQP/Rabbit MQ/Active MQ/JMS/…,
  • Elastic/Logstash/Kibana or others, Gitlab-ci or Jenkins – Linux and bash

Key Experiences

  • Extensive knowledge of Spring Boot, Java, Angular.
  • The candidate has during his career worked with a variety of technology stacks, allowing him/her to easily propose or promote the relevant options with a strong justification
  • DevOps affinities are a plus

Seniority level
2+ years of experience
Internet, Information
Technology & Services
Employment type
Offer reference XS 000 005

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Java Application Architect

Offer reference XS 000 005