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More than just a job, be part of an exciting digital adventure surrounded by talented people. Join our team, share our spirit and execute meaningful projects. What are you waiting for?

What we have to offer

At BuSI you’re more than just a collaborator, you are a BuSIer. Being a BuSIers means being truly integrated into the company. We really want our collaborators to be happy and comfortable at BuSI, and we know some factors are super important to reach that.

Work-life balance

We know how important the balance between worklife and personal life is. That’s why we offer a 40 hours a week contract with flexible working schedule and 32 days off every year. This way you can take care of yourself and your beloved ones as well as you need.


It is important to us that our collaborators accomplish themselves professionally and grow within our company. Therefore, there is a path for learning and growth with a development plan, annual evaluation, coaching by technical leaders. Training and technical workshops are organized all over the year to support the collaborators in this evolution.

Life at BuSI

BuSI is more than a place to work, it is also a place where you can connect with other professionals of your field of expertise (or not) and have a great time. We organize afterworks several times a year, offering our collaborators the possibility to meet their fellow colleagues and have a great time by eating, drinking, playing foosball, chatting, …


At BuSI, you’re never alone. You will be integrated in a cell, regrouping all your peers. Each cell is dedicated to a field of expertise. Also, some of our Juniors will be part of the BuSI Academy and some consultants will work internally, within the BuSI Factory. In any case, you will be mentored and followed constantly and will never be dropped.

Meet a part of the team

We are very well aware that colleagues make a significant contribution to feelings of well-being at work. Here are some of your future coworkers at BuSI. Besides being nice, they’re also super talented.