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By combining Microsoft products and BuSI expertise

BuSI and Microsoft

The desire of most clients is to entrust the development of their business software solutions to a competent and reliable partner. They generally require that this partner have total mastery of the languages, methodologies and tools that they impose!

BuSI has strategically decided to meet these requirements and become “Microsoft Silver Partner”.

The BuSI competence centre


BuSI recently decided to create a Microsoft competence center and has already obtained two Silver levels in the domains of Development and Integration.

BuSI can therefore claim to have achieved a sufficient level of expertise to address most projects. This partnership is in fact based on an official Microsoft solutions certification obtained by BuSI in the relevant fields.

It is based on the constraints of training, consultant certification upon passing examinations, and referral of satisfied customers.

Guarantee of quality


The quality of deliverables related to various projects is founded upon Agile methodologies, and coupled with Microsoft ALM tools. The quality of resources is based on a very rigorous recruitment process, lead by center officials whose selection criteria, in addition to pre-requisite human and behavioral qualities, are experience, training and certification.

In addition to these two central pillars, BuSI has developed the BuSI Academy which invests in young talented graduates – they are trained, coached, certified and readied for integration into the operational groups from where they gain practice in the field. The objective is the development of a strong internal team, creating a pool of expertise available either for standard development projects or for specific missions.

In terms of quality control, BuSI operates regular checks inherent to ALM, and undertakes quality reviews under CMMI and Prince2. To differentiate themselves from the competition, BuSI has developed an alternative offer packaged with the name “AOC” which allows certification or labelling of the code and application. This offer is detailed in the AOC information sheet.

Our service catalogue

Thanks to its strong partnership with Microsoft, BuSI strengthens and confirms its expertise in developing both oem software and custom solutions, whether they be server, rich client or web oriented. The development of these applications can, according to customer requirements, be deployed both on site and in the “Cloud”. The. NET language is widely used and mastered by BuSI consultants to address this activity.

Effective application integration is founded upon a rigorous but open architecture, one which will absorb fluctuations in the application and technology landscape. In response, BuSI strengthened its EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) expertise. A partnership in the field of integration confirms the knowledge and use of such tools as BizTalk (EAI) and Microsoft SSIS ETL by BuSI.

The needs of society are now heavily focused on information, communication and centralized searching. To respond to a need for efficiency and business productivity, Microsoft has developed a collaborative platform “SharePoint”. This solution covers content management, and allows the rapid development of standard or customizable Intranet and Extranet platforms. In addition, this solution allows you to search and share documents and information contained in its database. Communication between employees is facilitated through a company social network and the development of customized business processes (Workflow) applications. BuSI addresses these concerns by training its consultants primarily in the development of made-to-measure applications.

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