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As an undisputed ICT player, in both public and private sectors and anchored in application engineering in all its various components, BuSI offers the market a wide range of services and innovative solutions. For over ten years, many customers including the most prestigious companies have trusted BuSI in the following areas (see the figure on the left).


The BuSI group consists of solid and dynamic IT service companies established in Belgium and Luxembourg and also active in France. The Belgian parent company has experienced extremely rapid growth since its creation. Founded in 2002 by Bernard t’Kint, Administrator and Director at «Ernst & Young», BuSI has grown at a steady pace over the past ten years, building its reputation on the quality of its collaborators. Awarded by «Trends Tendances» as a fast growing company, BuSI received the title of «Gazelle» in 2011 for small businesses in Brussels and received the same title for medium businesses in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Aware to maintain its momentum, BuSI has climbed further still the growth ladder and in 2013 was awarded by «Datanews» first place «ICT Gazelle» for medium sized businesses.

BuSI counts 155 consultants to date and announced a 2014 annual turnover of 18.4M.

In preparation for the future; BuSI has developed a new offer adapted to market demand.

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